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Special Reviews:

"Julie's rhyming is

written so well....

almost a Dr Seuss

kind of feel about it!

Some of the best

quality rhymes I've reviewed"



"This series was so much fun

to read!  Julie is a master at creating

an entire book   with seamless rhymes. 

Is so easy to grab the rhythm

she intended, and it makes  an amazing

experience for both adult and child.  The stories themselves all   have wonderful life lessons that can be better understood by little minds with   these books."



"What a charming story.

Hurrying Worrying Henry is

cleverly told in rhyming verse   and has so many humorous   anecdotes & situations that   young readers will be 

chuckling along with   Henry's exploits"

-Emily Jane Hills Orford

Reader's Favorite

If you have a true story of your pet that is amazing, hilarious or heartwarming, I'd love to hear from you! There are plenty of FURABLES left to share and maybe your pet could star in one! Please share the overview of your furry tale below for a chance to be featured in a story.

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True Stories to share?

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